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How to market a high-end property?

It is actually pretty simple, the more expensive things, the better marketing should be. It does not important if it is perfume, car, house etc. It is all same.

1. Personal branding

Be sure for your agency that you choose. Not all agencies are professional about this so better to check personal recommendations from certain clients and ask the agent for past references so be careful and do your homework. You should check their marketing package about what it is included too.

2. Specially targeted marketing

Targeting the wrong audience can waste your time, you should focus on the specific target group. A good agent should know exactly where / when to market your property. To cut a short, it is not important to how many people you reach, more about the right kind of people.

3. Professional home staging and photography

Everybody thinks this step is significant but most of them not take the part seriously. Depends on the house, you might need a full professional staging package. Every single photograph should look great, with perfect lighting, positioning, and finishing touches. Even the tiniest of detail is important, and when they call converge together, it glows perfection. And you can then make it your own. For instance, when you take photo of the kitchen, do not forget to put a coffee and croissants on the table or cool magazines and flowers on the coffee table. Also, exterior photos should be taken with sunny bright day and including attractive garden furniture, maybe even a bottle of champagne chilling on ice with some flowers.

4. Promote the local area and community

Not just promote your property but also the neighborhood and the way of life. Good management agencies can research the locality, the residents, neighbors, and local facilities. The more information, the better advertising. Feel free to mention the good restaurants to have dinner, bars to drink etc. Do not forget that you are promoting luxury, therefore, mention golf clubs, health clubs, restaurants, attractions, community events, and so on. You should build the connection between the property and its environment.

5. Mention any unusual and attractive benefits to buying the property

If the property has historical connections, do not forget to mention. For example, you can say, a certain title is passed to the owner, ‘Count’ or ‘Lady’. Or last year, famous artist stayed at our places and so on. Unusual ‘freebies’ can become key points for the right client and make them fall in love with your home.

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