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Better Airbnb, Better Neighbors:

Airbnb is a platform based on reviews, you will not get more guests unless you have some essential standards as a host. Successful hosting includes having some responsibilities to lead the guest and as a host, acting responsibly will prevent all of the problems. Therefore, it will not affect you and also your neighbors. They will be happy to welcome your guest too. Here are some advices that you should follow to prevent Airbnb nightmares!

Control Your Guests:

Derelict guests are not ordinary but hosting them can bring many problems and no one is interested in them. They will not just bother you but also the people that near to you too. They can damage your property and it might cost more money and even make you give up being Airbnb host. You will not have these issues with partnering with property management companies and will secure them. If there is any doubt as to their intentions or their authenticity, then just kindly decline the booking.

Write and Read Reviews:

Airbnb based on trust. Guests and host can understand each other through reading the reviews. Wherever you go somewhere, do not forget to leave positive or negative experience on Airbnb.

Those reviews make the circulation of the trustful environment and before you accept the request, read the reviews of the guest. You can get many information about your guest from the review.

Rules + Minimum Bookings:

Do not forget to be clear from the beginning, there are some advices that Airbnb suggest to the hosts. For example, no parties, no smoking, no pets etc. So, when the guests check your place before they book, they will learn your rules and they will step based on the rules. You can also add more rules such as please play the music low after 8pm and so on. You can also leave signs or notes at the property as a kind reminder.

Deposits, Host Guarantee + Insurance:

Even with the most respectful guest, we are all human and accident can always happen. The best way to prevent these kind of accidents, remove anything is sentimental valuable at the property. Also, you can write security deposit into your list. Airbnb covers the damages up to €800,000 but it takes 2 weeks averagely.

Maintenance + Emergency Contacts

Always be prepared. You can check boiler, owe, hot water etc. and always leaves the emergency contact to somewhere is visible. Also, do not forget to give alternative contact number if you are going to be out of town.

Talk to Your Neighbours!

If you are good friends with your neighbors, mention your visiting guest to your home, let them know about your listing and rules. Indicate your preparation for any damage to them and always tend to listen their feedback.

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